RPC是什么意思 RPC的读音、翻译、用法

RPC是什么意思 RPC的读音、翻译、用法

RPC这个词语来源于英语(Remote Procedure Call)。它是一种计算机网络通信协议,用于使分布式软件应用程序中的程序组件能够相互通信。它通常被翻译为“远程过程调用”,是一种常见的网络通信方式。


1. The client uses RPC to call the server and pass parameters. (客户端使用RPC调用服务器并传递参数。)

2. The server receives the RPC request and executes the corresponding procedure. (服务器接收RPC请求并执行相应的过程。)

3. RPC allows software components to communicate over a network without being aware of each other's underlying technology. (RPC允许软件组件在不了解彼此底层技术的情况下通过网络进行通信。)

4. Some RPC implementations include automatic marshalling and unmarshalling of parameters. (某些RPC实现包括自动封送和解封送参数。)

5. The firewall can block RPC traffic to protect the network. (防火墙可以阻止RPC流量以保护网络。)

6. RPC can be used in combination with other network protocols such as HTTP or TCP. (RPC可以与其他网络协议(如HTTP或TCP)结合使用。)

7. The client-side RPC stub generates a request message and sends it to the server-side RPC stub. (客户端RPC存根生成请求消息并将其发送到服务器端RPC存根。)

8. The server-side RPC stub receives the request message, extracts the parameters, and calls the corresponding procedure. (服务器端RPC存根接收请求消息,提取参数,并调用相应的过程。)

9. RPC can improve the performance and scalability of distributed systems by minimizing network traffic. (RPC通过最小化网络流量可以提高分布式系统的性能和可伸缩性。)

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